So, my husband is from Nepal and I’ve gone with him twice now. I feel so blessed to have found a partner whose spirituality and beliefs are so similar to mine. I’ve been deeply drawn to yoga since high school. My yoga teacher was such a lovely human being and this practice allowed me to heal from so many early childhood hurts. I remember during svasana she read to us about vedic philosophy and other meaningful texts.

One day she read a story how when a women in an African tribe learns that she is pregnant, she goes out into the wilderness with close friends. They pray and meditate until they hear the child’s song. They recognize that every soul has its own song and vibration. The women attune to the song and return to the tribe and teach it to everyone else. Once the child is born, the community gathers and sings the child’s song to him or her. When the child starts school, the village gathers and sings the child’s song, so too when the child is initiated into adulthood and again when they are married. Finally, as the body is dying and the soul is ready to pass, family and friends gather around the person, as they did at their birth, and they all sing the person into the next life.

This story demonstrated to me an integral connection between the tribe members at a time when I felt my family was falling apart. It gave me hope that I would feel that way one day. I dreamed of finding my place and feeling connected to my community and my family that I imagined I would build. In the mean time, I endeavored to help and nurture people, especially my students and the family members I was close to. When I met my husband in 2021. The recognition was immediate. I feel so blessed.

If you can’t tell, love is very important to me and my work. Connection and unity is magical. I believe we are all part of a one universal energy that is love.

Here are some photos of our travels in 2022:

Bhaktapur temple