Quoted from “New tendencies in Mexican Art”  Ruben Gallo

“Modern societies are based on the principple of production, in which gain is the ultimate goal. The modern world privileges all that leads to accumulation-and maximizing productivity-and discourages all that is non-productive. In the logic of production, all actions are a means to an end, and that end is always attaining the maximum gain.

There are certain actions, however, that subvert the logic of production because they are not a means to gain profitbut ends in themselves. Rituals, cults, spectacles, perverse sexual acts, arts and poetry are all actions that are both useless and unproductive. In a world that privileges gain, these actions introduce loss-of time, money, or energy. Bataille calls them “expenditures” and  writes that “these constitute a class in which what is emphasized is a loss, one that must be as great as possible in order to give the action its true sense.” Acts of expenditure are extremely subversive because they threaten the most elementary principle of the modern world:accumulation.”