Los Angeles-Manhattan Beach 5/23/08 1:30

The sand feels warm here in the 60 degree weather. My feet are completely covered by it in every step. My muscles work hard to propel me from being sunken in the earth. It feels so soft, little particles move by my weight, to an insect I must displace copious amounts of sand just by walking. Grainy, soft, dry, warm, loose and moving. I get closer to the water and the sand feels harder and doesn’t sink near as much as I step. Feels like clay. The wind is cold and caressing my whole body, and moving my clothing. Even closer to the water the sand is more maluable, escaping from under my feet as I stand over the little crabs who try to breathe in after the water comes and leave little holes in the sand. Luckily I can’t feel the crabs, they scare me, and so do other sea creatures if they touch my legs…even though they are probably harmless. I don’t like them at all. The sand moves and forms again around my feet. Feels nice like a gentle massage. My pants are wet and cold from the sneaky tide. The water is cold but not as much as I expected, actually very pleasant and thick with salt and little particles. My skin feels wet from all the moisture in the air, see also cold and fresh. It feels as thought my skin that is exposed as well as my clothes are coated in a thin layer of salt and stickyness. The air entering my nose feels cold and leaving feels warm.