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Los Angeles-Manhattan Beach & Pier 5/23/08 12:30pm

Wind rushing past my ears. Trash bags rustling hanging onto the trash can by a string, plastic hitting it self, loudly. Coughing men. Multiple languages including Chinese, English and Spanish-quick and dashy conversations pass by and are obscured by the wind. The waves breaking loudly and then a steady shhhh as the intensity of the sound fades and then recedes to the next wave crashing. Repetitive and constant noise. Bubbling water like carbonation in soda. smacking water, sounds heavy and flat. low light buzz as the water works up to a breaking point as it gathers momentum and then slows. Fizzy noises from the bubbles being released through movement.

Sounds like a giants breathe…

Tempo changes slightly and slowly over time but never stops. Infinite? My own zipper, metal hitting on metal tossed around by the wind by no real rhythm. Water moving around the legs of the pier, like a bath tub being splashed around in by a child, draining and refilling. Over and over. Pigeons foot steps, slightly uncomfortable and fast paced. Peaking the wooden boards below them and making a hollow-ish wood noise. My foot steps repeating, moving me, touching the wood and then sand. Heel toe hard sound on the wood and muted soft sound in the sand. Wind moves things to make sound hit my ears.