Pause before continuing to read the statement below look at all of the images and keep in mind your first impressions and let me know what those were.

My project is modeled after the chakras; their significance to the body, culture of origin and as a spiritual ideology. I was inspired by “Style Wars” and tagging of symbols and words. Functioning as another step in investigating overlapping scenes of foreigners as well as spirtualists, hippies,  and working Indians. These scenes walk the main road from Calangute to Anjuna and will invariably notice the words, symbols and materials. English words in colors made from tradtitional yantra powders, spices and flowers are written along the road side. Intended to be viewed by pedestrians foreign and local. This is meant to interupt the act of walking in a positive way and provoke thought about what the phrases mean. Some people may recognize the colors and make more subtle connections to the meanings of Chakras and further understand it’s concept. This project is significant to India because much of the art is made out of adoration for deities and for spiritual reasons. I think that the project shows respect of Indian culture and hopefully it will be recieved positively by viewers. This project was made by me, a foreigner outside the naitve scene, and me, inside the spiritual scene of yoga.