How is my personal data used on this site?

Your personal information may be used with your consent by Ameyalli Collective LLC dba Farnolli Art for the following reasons:

Farnolli Art Newsletter

If you elect to sign up for my newsletter your email address will be shared with the email marketing service Mailchimp for the sole purpose of providing you with content in direct relation to Farnolli Art. It will not be used for any other purpose.


If you purchase a piece of art from this website you will be required to submit your credit card information, email address and mailing address to Paypal. The only information Ameyalli Collective LLC dba Farnolli Artwill have access to is your email address (for communication purposes if there are any questions that pertain to your order) and your mailing address so that I can fulfill your order.

When you make a purchase from this site you are also allowing me to share your mailing address with a shipping service (such as UPS, USPS or FedEx) so that they can act as a courier and deliver your painting/print to you.

What are Cookies and do you use them on this site?

Cookies are small pieces of text data that are stored on a visitor’s browser so that if the same website is visited again, it is tailored to that specific visitor.

This website uses cookies for security reasons and also to store your preferences so that if you visit this website again, your preferences as it pertains to this website (including but not limited to: shopping cart contents, preferred layout) are visible to you.

What personal information does Farnolli Art retain?

This website strives to be completely transparent on what information is stored and how it is used. If you have signed up for my newsletter I will have access to your given email address so that I can communicate with you through my bi-montly newsletter.

If you make a purchase on this site you will be directed to a third party where you will complete your transaction (currently this third party site is PayPal.) Your method of payment information is not stored on this site nor is it ever seen by me. Your mailing address and email address is shared with me so that I can fulfill your order. If you have any questions regarding PayPal’s privacy policy please visit their website here:

What are my rights?

You have the right to request that any personal information you share with this website including your email address and mailing address be deleted. Please email me at to be assisted in this matter.