Music is not only the universal language, which transcends barriers to create communities of diverse groupings it can also be used as a forms of public and private protest, as a strategy to distrupt the normal passitivity of everyday life, to awaken and inspire change. The Infernal Noise Brigade, an actual marching band, came into exsistance to assist in livening spirits of the left and attack accepted/socialized power structures with a new tool, music. This form of auditory art much like graffiti, which is drawn in public(subway/street) and private(military walls/state buildings) areas reclaimes public space which was formerly inaccessable to the local community. Due to the corporate conglomerates in control of the media; music, news, advertisements etc. Art and music that are happening in a public sphere in real time simply cannot be censored, or very easily at leaste. A part I found very funny, even when police did try to stop the protest with tear gas, INB was prepared with gas masks and continued on playing. Action taken against protesters often helps their cause get more attention, so hopefully this worked in their favor. Public engagement in an art which is politically subversive that is unable to be easily censored makes the art more powerful.
The streets provides a place for the public to be exposed to and also invited to participate in the search for truth and justice. INB is revolutionary because it dismantles the passive audience behavior and joins individuals together to demand change. The music captures peoples attention and brings to surface issues for example with the WTO, the rich making up rules for international trade, rules that are inherently biased toward benefiting the rich and further disenfranchising the poor. This kind of large scale social change or even disruption cannot be afforded by the individual alone. The genuis of aural presence is that the feeling in the air becomes altered to afford a level of happiness and community. Especially in a time when big corporations seek to alienate communities by keeping them under informed and programed by adds to want things to consume. INB sparks people into action, they excite the public into caring about issues otherwise invisible in everyday life.

Protest becomes not so clearly defined, ambiguous and carnivalesque it has the unknown/unexpected element of surprize. The INB Marching Band uses conveintion to its benefit, confusing it, turning it around and going against it. Playing music from traditions and cultures not yet homogenized. Provoking the feelings and aura that are uncut and uncommodifed, the drums beats and marching of the Infernal Noise Brigade becomes a politically motivating art form accessable to the mass public to participate in and expand upon.