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After reading something about myself under the guise of a zodiac of aquarius, something about my personality became clear to me. I absorb a lot from my environment, I have a strong sense of intuition and maybe the coincidence of social/gender conditioning, it’s easy to empathize with and accommodate others (to identify quickly and meet them at their level). This can be a wonderful thing, depending on the person I meld with.

We melded almost seamlessly at instances, and since then I have experienced it only in flashes, moments.

To resonate at the same frequency with another human being for any length of time is not only rare but difficult because both people need to be growing at the same rate and in the same direction to maintain a deep connection…and they have to want to be together. In light of this evaluation of my tendencies, I again was drawn to the many abilities of seaweed. It can be molded when it is wet and retain the shape of what it was with when it drys. In this process of re-wetting a dried sheet of seaweed, when it dries it becomes harder and darker, to the point that the tension it imposes on itself is too much (like skin that is burned and later scars, shrinks and is tight). Over the next days and through the night, the newly formed shape of seaweed speaks, it cracks and breaks where the tension is too much. I’m reminded of this feeling I get when I conform to someone, it fits for a while, and later it breaks. The life span of my relationships are growing shorter and more fragile. I don’t know if my true nature is that way, or if like the seaweed, when extracted from it’s natural/prefered environment of soft, salty water it becomes compromised and fragile. The conditions need to be just right.

The physical manifestation of this art piece are just the shrunken, re-wetted and re-dried pieces of seaweed conformed to body parts of the people I live with. They cannot survive for long in this shape, because it is not their own.