I aim to invite the suspicion of over-identification with our physical reality by rendering recognizable figures who meld with ethereal spaces and dissolve into abstract environments. I bring elements, as I envision them, from the unseen into the seen world; harmonizing the material and the metaphysical, without hierarchy.

Surrealism, symbolism, fauvism, performance art and earth art influence my style. The micro and macro of celestial, desert and oceanic scenes and colors as well as birth and death cycles and our fragile existence galvanize my work. I try to subtly irritate illusions of possession, security and control in our relationships with the earth, animals, partners, ourselves, our bodies, etc by exploring the transitory nature of matter, perceived loss and celebrating the infinite underlying spirit of change and transformation. In the process of creation, I shift, I become the observer, watching relationships unfold in the composition, intuitively deciphering symbolism and deciding which relationships to highlight and which to cover or erase. Unanticipated compositions emerge and the work becomes a vibrant interplay between many layers of color, imagery and meaning.