This project was a continuation of my experimentation with untraditional materials. Algas, seaweed and lana, un bleached lambs wool. The seaweed by its very nature is organic, temporary, and fragile, for these qualities I’m attracted to the idea of  its ability to stand in for the body, a vessel, something that acts as a protector, a house for the intangible. I made 21 small boats of seaweed, small and simple, inside they held an intertwined compilation of many small fibers. When they are placed into water (which is commonly interpreted in dreams as referring to emotions, and in this case, the experience of the physical and emotional existence) the seaweed slowly absorbs the water and becomes part of it… and with its new profound weight it sinks to the bottom of the pond. What emerges then in it’s buoyancy is the wool, lite and airy, it floats on the water demonstrating its complex entangled shape to the world. Here is a short video of a single boat and it’s very short life cycle.