Last night I moved into a new apartment which is clean and old looking. I really feel calm here. The room I’m staying in still has eben’s things in it. Images of the Tibetan Buddist wheels of life and afterlife. An alter for meditation. Right now there are two couchsurfers from Suecia, they are staying in the room next to mine. The apartment is very international and reminds me of the ecodepa more than the first place I was staying by Centro Medico. Besides that Maria, la espanola y Daniel , el chilango y yo are going to have cinema nights on mondays, part of my spanish language aquesicion plan. I have 2 formal intercambios set up; Paulina,  and  Edgar. Also I have made some very close friends alreayd in just three weeks like Isadora and Maria, and these count as informal intercambios. So I decided not to pay to take classes at UNAM, solely for the reasons of time and money. I have class work I need to be doing already. It’s March, only have a short while left until school is over. Now that I have a stable living situation I feel I can really begin, and delve into the art and spanish interviews.