Imagine loneliness that we experience when we have human beings all around us. Imagine being a non human, whose body is made for running in open space, and being trapped in a maze of walls and stairs. The Idea of a wall. The idea of a wall, to this being has no meaning, has no purpose. Imagine living here and never communicating with your own species, and being all of the time misunderstood because your body makes other sounds and is of a different shape. Dependency due to dislocation to nature… Slavery. This is how we subjugate others, when we don’t kill them and when we don’t eat them…WE ADOPT THEM. We let them walk around in circles all day inside our tiny walled spaces, they shit where they eat and later we become angry and deem their survival in this unnatural chaos as bad behavior.

Pobre de BEBÉ.

He tried to commit suicide yesterday, from my window ledge. When we got him down he hurt his side and is left with bloodly rashes and bruses. Why are we so selfish?