Hola Mundo,

I have a room which has a colchon, a mattress, for this Im thankful. Mexico City is like a giant trap. One step forward 5 steps back. Nothing happens as people claimit will. I guess it’s like constantly surprized. I just have to adjust my perspective to be more accepting of what is. Accepting of my small friends the walk through the walls at night. I have started my studying, continuing to read Octavio Paz. Just finished ‘Hijos de la Malinche’ in which the words related to ‘chingar’ are discussed in detail. In I saw the exact macho that that he was describing. This man chocked and hit his small gray dog multiple times, when another large dog passed and barked at it, the dogs natural reaction to protect itself was answered by the man roughly pulling the chain around its small neck…completely disorienting the dog. I haven’t felt the anger I felt that night in quite some time. What’s more is this happened in a public restaurant, and a woman was accompanying this man, accepting his behavior…they seemed relativly new to eachother too. Does she think that she will be more lucky than that dog in a few monthes?

I also started a new painting, well actually it’s almost finished. It just flowed out very naturally, it’s slighlty looser than normal. I’ll post it above tomorrow. I also drew a small self portrait and am beginning to experiement with watercolor.

Today I’m going to buy a bus ticket to Veracruz to go to the Brasil style carnival! I hope there are still tickets. At 3, I’ll eat lunch with mi roomie espanola, Maria. At 430 I’m meeting with a girl named Paulina from couchsurfing who wants to do a languege exchange ingles por español. Finally at 8 there is supposedly a flamenco class, at the school Jason recommended to me, with Mercedes Amaya. I’m excited. I feel so much better today.