20/3/11I had a dream in which I was looking through a sketch book of drawings I’d made, most of them were of animals. Later I put down the book and the scene shifted to the may hands, I was a doctor, I fixed peoples fingers. I was trying to fix this very old mans hands but I kept slipping and I don’t think I helped him.

21/3/11 Last night, or maybe this morning I dreamt that a bunch of humans including me were more or less in two lines I I paralle, I could see the disordered line trailing off into the distance on my right side. We were becoming art, becoming ideas that each one of us thought. We stood on our heads and became underwater spaghetti, then a silkly clothlike material formed around eachone of us individually, and there was a current of breeze, the material puffed up full of air of water, and we moved slowly makeing many shapes, they were pastel colors, but beautiful. After some time like this the material changed and we moved into another persons idea, rolled backwards, and formed the new human bottle, some revolutionary function of the human body, not sure.