Yesterday, I went to the center with Luis. We saw El Palacio National to see Diego Riveras mural and the large exhibition of ”Bicentinario”. We hung out all day, saw other art exhibitions like the ‘zapota and harin’, which was a contemporary art instalation/performance. The systems of cultivating the two major drugs, that are ruining mexico, were laid out for the public to view, althought it was just a green plant and flour in reality. Art students from UNAM and la Esmeralda volunteered for the role of producers, all dressed in lab coats, head scarfs and mouth covers. Very interesting. We ate some kind of traditional aztec vegetarian food made by the maid in Luis’s house. It was delicious. Later on I visited an address all alone, didn’t get lost, but did take almost an hour to find it. I was proud of myself. But the room was tiny, with a bathroom and no kitchen. After that I got myselfover to Copilco to visit Raul and get some more clean clothes. It’s difficult to live out of a bag. Raul was watching some comedy with two friends, but decided to accompany me back to Eugenia, in Narvate where Luis lives. He visited Luther/luta, the huge black dog at Luis’s house and later left when his friend was locked out of thier house. That night I went out with Valerie, Luis’s girl friend, and another couchsurfer native to Mexico, named Ali. After an hour of driving in circles down and around the one way streets, we got to this cuban salsa club/bar. Tiny. I hadn’t eaten dinner so I ordered french fries and arroz congrejo, or something like that. We danced alittle, but it was an off night in general, I was very tired.