I’ve been debating whether or not to make a complete globe of seaweed, to cover the surface completely or to leave a section open so as to see inside. It could function as primarily with sun and secondarily with water. But first let me explain my reasoning and some thoughts I’ve been thinking and later share my idea up to this point. In this book I’m reading about tantra there is talk of mandalas as not solely two-dimensional images or objects but more or less a map, a visual description of a history via architecture that is imaginatively created into reality by the practitioner. The traditional way of creating mandalas drawing with sand ends in its destruction by the monks who created it and the onlookers, the sand is ritualistically swept into a central point, the colors blur and there is nothing recognizable remaining. I am working with a delicate material, seaweed, and a fixed material metal. In my personal and spiritual life creation and destruction have fascinated me for sometime, the Aztec codex of Borgia: Dios de la vida y la muerte, the creation of solar bodies in the universe with an explosion of a stars and mandalas representations of everything in the universe energies that are positive and negative, yin and yang, as one. One energy or existence which is impermanent and permanent at the same time. Dualities that are not dualities. The power of my mind, the power of collective consciousness, what you think will be. I work to be present in this moment as my sensitive finger tips caress each letter of the alphabet…but I am not my finger tips or the sensations they receive, I am solely an observer occupying this space right here and now, without judgement. This body is impermanent. This day, this breath, these friends I’m sharing my life with, this room I’m sitting in, in time will disappear. Time is something that can be elusive but captured by the rate of decay of physical object or the subtle growth of awareness and wisdom. Thus, I want to offer my sculpture as an example, as is the mandala a representation of this process and of time, and impermanence of physical objects. Logistically light sun and water will be integral in this offering, or installation. Water will soften, and sun will harden. The display should be meaningful, and purposeful, I need to spend more time with this idea as I have not found an ideal way to do this. I know it will take place outside and I will document the performance with video. I hope for it to take place in a public area, a side walk or park so as to share the visual aesthetic and the sense of impermanence with passers by. I hope to arrive early, set up and stay with the vessel for as long as it takes the outer shell of dried seaweed to be enriched with its removed element, water and for the pieces to fall back into the earth.