I feel my right bottom molar and I can’t help but wonder if it’s connected to the strangeness in my right tonsil and now throat. Maybe not. Last night I slept in Rauls twin bed, he slep with his cousin Alex. The bed was right next to a window and I tried to keep the cold away from my throat and neck. I felt as if I’d slept forever, I woke up so many times, the city starts bustling around 4 am. I thought I’d over slept and that it must have been at leaste 11am when it was only 8am. My concept of time is different here. I’m for the most part disoriented in the city. Thus far I have only been around Copilco, Coyoacan and Eugenio (metro stops on linea 3). So, this morning Raul took me with him to school, I saw his daily route, very complex and long. Alot of manuevring and extrenious methods are needed to get anywhere by foot. We got to his figure drawing class at Esmeralda (the contemporary art university) almost 40 minutes late. His teacher was critiquing students work. Each student waiting in a very informal sense of a line, an alinear line. Students kissed and smoked and laughed. They seemed very comfortable and free. The models for the class were two viejitas, old ladies, who I found out model every thursday…they moved so much. I have to admit I’d be very annoyed as an artist. But they all dealt with it, as usual…and there was something quite interesing about the exchange going on between the young artists and the older generation of women, the abuelas liked the attention and acted young and playful, and I feel like they were very healthy models for the young ones. There was alot of respect. Next we ate la comida, quesadillas y chilaquiles. We searched for apartments (the best of which was in the building “Cuba”), but I’m not convinced, the room was so tiny and far away from the action. Sarasu, for some reason never contacted me and didnt answer so instead of staying with Raul again, and stealing his bed, I called another couchsurfer who had offered a room, Luis. His brother Sebastian, Raul and I had tea and maria’s cookies. Raul left to finish his short video, concept: habitatcion, ambiante personal. Sebastian shared his musica electronica with me, in which he sings in english, some of the titles were ‘sexual revolution’ and ‘bi-curious’. He’s planning to tour the US, arizona and california. Luis got home and we ate nopales con arroz, nopal is prickly pear cactus, reminds me of green beens but better. He’s vegetarian too. Luis, and I met his friend Jordi at the ”Cineteca Nacional” to see a film called “Se Acabo la Guera”, the war is over, a really interesting and somewhat objective documentarial view of the inefficientcies of the special courts in Sierra Leon, which have tried members of the RUF for hundreds of years to be served concurrently. We talked about the movie for a good hour afterwards. Then got back and ate dulces and laughed. Finally I got to take a shower. Now to sleep. More tomorrow. Still haven’t started art making, and won’t until I have a secure place.

Buenas noches